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Job for native speakers

That’s a very simple and interesting, fully remote online job.

We search for native speakers to be our content creators and speaking partners for an international online audio forum.

Natives.Chat is a 24/7, asynchronous audio chat with native speakers, based on a special methodology and controlled to comply with it, where all the necessary language skills are developed.

Our users are people who want to practise speaking your native language from all over the world. You will be creating interesting materials to discuss with them and checking their responses for mistakes. We’ll provide you with a simple training and you’ll find these activities really easy and well-paid.

We start with a part-time job and we’ll increase your occupancy after some time.

We’ll be glad to start working with you if you:
+ love communicating and learning languages;
+ have a C2 level in your mother tongue (no grammar or spelling mistakes);
+ explicitly follow the instructions;
+ create long and interesting content.

We have 2 kinds of activities. All activities should be done in your native language.

Speaking partner

The activity of a native speaker done on a regular basis, that includes:

+ checking responses for mistakes in text and audio messages, correcting them;
+ answering the questions;
+ making an audio recording with your answer to the user questions;
+ creating a limited number of topics per month following the contract terms.

We start with a minimal standard workload of 30 minutes a day.

This activity is paid per standard workload price. One standard workload includes a fixed amount of work for a fixed amount of money.

Examples of checked responses are the posts with a yellow background on any topic:



Topics creator

The activity of a native speaker done on demand, that includes:

+ choosing a topic and preparing it for a daily discussion by our instruction (choose a topic, find a YouTube video, create a comprehension test, share a personal opinion, write 3 questions for others);
+ post the materials to our forum.

This activity is paid per topic. We buy a fixed amount of topics every month.

Check an example of a topic:

Fixed prices of a standard workload may be found here.

We have a public contract with native speakers. That means we do not sign it with every native speaker. But we can send you a copy of a signed contract with your name.

A copy of the contract is located here.

We are ready to give you all the legal documents to make your income from us legal.

Our working language is English. We have only written communication within our company. Your proficiency level in English will be sufficient for us if you can read and understand this text.

All your posts and communication with our users should be in your native tongue.

When new positions become available we check the submissions that have their trial tasks done before candidates with only contact details.

We do not need your CV but would like to see you in action. You should create a trial topic as a native speaker of your language within our system. The process is fully equal to what you’ll be doing.

When new positions become available we check the submissions that have their trial tasks done before candidates with only contact details.

Both topics creators and speaking partners should do the trial task.
If you speak several languages ​​as a native speaker, complete the task in each language.

You should submit the vacancy form when your trial topic is saved within Natives.Chat.

Follow these steps to create your topic post.

1. Signup at Natives.Chat
Follow the link and create an account. If you have an account, no need to register one more time. Simply log in to your account.

2. Join the “Tools” group
Follow the link
Click the “Join” button at the top right corner (screenshot of the page:

3. Join the “Vacancy.trial” group
Follow the link
Click the “Join” button at the top right corner (screenshot of the page:

4. Feel the key aspects of every topic.
We have detailed training, but it will be quicker if you find out all the important things yourself.

Check a good example of a well-done topic:

No need to copy the content. You should make your topic as similar as possible. Pay attention to:
+ the size of the texts;
+ length of the audio recordings;
+ number of key phrases;
+ applied formatting tools (blurred key phrases, green correct styling);
+ hidden answers;
+ fixed order of parts, free spaces between the parts, system strings that you don’t need to change.

5. Get a topic template.
Follow the link
Find a template for your language and copy the code of it. You will use it as a base for your topic.

6. Create your trial topic.
Follow the link
Create a new topic by clicking the “New topic” button (screenshot of the page:
Paste the template you’ve copied before.
Change the template strings with your data.

You may change it and check the preview window results.
Note that codes shouldn’t be deleted – they are necessary to create formatting.

When you save the draft of the trial topic, you’ll be able to continue editing any time you wish.

HOW TO…? (short video instructions)
Topic image:
Text introduction:
Audio recording:
Main video:
Key phrases:
Comprehension test:
3 conversational questions:

7. Use the URL of the trial topic
Copy the URL of the topic you’ve created and put it on the submission form (page screenshot:

Questions and Answers


We start with a minimal standard workload that includes a fixed amount of work for a fixed amount of money.

The standard workload for speaking partner activity includes creating 6 topics per month and checking 6 answers per day. This will take about 30 minutes a day.

Topics creating assumes 30 minutes to create one topic post.

This is covered by our training. To be simple, it’s a strict order of parts, like checking for mistakes, answering questions, and making a recording.

Examples of this activity are the posts with a yellow background on any topic:

All your answers should always be typed and have an audio recording. No videos, no abridged versions of answers (for example, only text or only audio). You should provide students only with a doubled version of all answers in two forms: typed and audible.

We publish one new topic every day. But you may create your topics when it’s comfortable for you. We schedule publishing in the future ourselves.

We split the necessary number of topics between all native speakers in your language. That’s why we’ll need a small number of topics from you. That’s why your major activity will be a speaking partner activity (checking the answers, correcting, and making audio recordings for your replies).


We can start only with a part-time job. If both of our sides will be satisfied, we’ll discuss with you the possibility to enlarge your working time. You should have different sources of income.

A simple rule is that the quicker you start answering — the more answers you’ll be able to send.

Our clients are from different time zones, that’s why the time difference doesn’t matter. Our chat is asynchronous, that’s why our students have no expectations to get feedback instantly.

Your payment will be proportionally reduced by the number of these days off because we have an exact number of speakers to cover the number of paid users.


We can work with you only on a freelance basis. That means: you get paid to your bank account / PayPal account / bank card. We do not provide you with anything like insurance or a guaranteed vacation. You’ll simply get paid for the job you’ve done.

Our company won’t withhold any taxes on the money you received. You may need to declare and pay tax.

The triggering of a tax liability and/or reporting obligation will depend on your tax residency, the nature of the income/gains, and potentially the amount.

We are not reporting this information to any tax authority.

PayPal account may help you in receiving money. You’ll be able to spend from it and your local authorities will not know about this income.

The situation differs from one person to another. Of course, living in your current place may cost more than in another place. But we search for people who are satisfied with our proposal due to their living circumstances. You can start working with us. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and your living place will change in the future.

If you will invoice us as a freelancer, our payment will match the invoice. If you don’t need to invoice us, we simply send you money at an agreed time interval.

The type of cooperation doesn’t matter for us — it’s on your side. We can pay your invoice or simply transfer money on a regular basis.

We send international payments to bank accounts by / PayPal accounts / bank cards of any country. Your current place of residence doesn’t matter.

We cover bank charges on our side, but can’t exclude any charges on your side. Of course, we can try to find some ways to make fewer conversions.

You’ll get paid for the initial post if it’s yours and for all full answers that you’ll give to students (the 1st level of discussion). All the following discussions between students and you are not paid.

This is called an initial post or a topic post. It is valued with a coefficient of 2.0 to the basic price.

It is paid. We send payments at this period on a regular basis following the regular terms.

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