1 week of the Estonian language at Natives.Chat (manual renewal) - SimplySPEAK with Natives.Chat

1 week of the Estonian language at Natives.Chat (manual renewal)


US$148 US$32

  • RUB: 2,400 руб.
  • EUR: €27
  • GBP: £23

Full access for 1 week. One-time payment.
The service impact is equivalent to 7 hours of usual individual lessons with ordinary native speakers.


With a paid ‘Speaker’ subscription for Estonian Natives.Chat you can actively communicate with native Estonian speakers and other people:

  1. Give responses to native Estonian speakers and other people.
  2. Get corrections of your mistakes.
  3. Get voiced version of your personal answers from native Estonian speakers.
  4. Speak Estonian without limits using audio recordings and text messages with other people.
  5. Get answers for your questions in ‘How to say’ topic.

Find out general rules, communication rules and terms of use here.

Recent reviews

5.0 rating

I like Natives.Chat as a new friend!

I like using Natives.Chat for learning a new languague and hope Natives.Chat would expand more useful functions for users who would like to learn or cooperate to work with as freelances. Wish Natives.Chat get more development 🙂 Thank you very much.

5.0 rating

Great platform to actually practice speaking a foreign language

Natives.Chat is a new company, but it has the potential to become an extremely useful tool for language learners. It offers its users the opportunity to not only learn and remember new expressions but also to practice actually speaking their target language with native speakers. I started working with them as a freelancer and so far it has been a very pleasant experience.

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