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Job for translators and interpreters

Natives.Chat is a marketplace for language services (teaching, translating and interpreting, speaking practice).

Translators and clients on our website resolve all issues related to order fulfillment and payment directly with each other! We give translators and clients a platform to find each other and communicate.

The service is paid by the translators. There’s no need to pay a commission for every order. The subscription price is fixed and cheap. The cost does not depend on the number of orders that the translator received through our site.

:rocket: Access for teachers and native speakers is completely free for the launch period.

All our vacancies: job for native speakers, job for language teachers, job for translators.

How to register as a translator?

1. Choose the language you speak.

2. Find a category you are interested in (“Translators directory” in your language).

3. Read the detailed instruction in your language for your type of activity.

Questions and Answers

For those of you looking for online translating jobs, signing up to platforms like Natives.Chat is the ideal solution. With flexible hours, remote working, the possibility to earn good wages and no degree required, the world is your oyster. All you need is a secure internet connection, computer, headset and you’re ready to go! Register as a translator at Natives.Chat now to begin finding clients.

To get orders for translation at Natives.Chat, no official qualifications or professional experience are required. The translation jobs available on our platform are open to any aspirant as long as they speak the language fluently.

However, some of the more experienced translators either have a degree or possess one, or more, of the popular language proficiency certificates.

Aside from the aforementioned qualifications particularly sought after in a translator, clients also seek translators that can help them with different types of translation. They include, and are not limited to, written translation, coder, editor, oral simultaneous translation, consecutive interpretation, guide, native speaker. Alternatively, some clients require knowledge of different spheres like Business and Finance, General topics, Technical translation, Medicine, Jurisprudence, Road transport, Metallurgy, Oil and gas, Information Technology or others.

Translating online from home, or wherever you are, means that you can be flexible with the number of hours you work. There are many clients across the world seeking to get high quality translation meaning that online translating jobs are not in short supply, especially for native speakers in the more sought after countries including the UK, US and Canada.

Around 92% of translators at Natives.Chat work up 20 hours up a week whilst 6% work from 20 to 30 hours. The remaining 2% work over 30 hours per week demonstrating that translating online can be a full time occupation allowing them to earn a comfortable salary. Over the last few years, there has also been a boom in demand for online translating which continues to show significant growth, great news for translators looking to work remotely.

In general, translators can set their own rates so what they make depends on what they wish to charge and, of course, how many orders they get per month. Naturally, translators with experience, certificates, working with many language pairs or that have expertise in different areas, etc tend to charge and earn more.


We can start only with a part-time job. You should have different sources of income.

A simple rule is that the quicker you reply to the order — the more clients you’ll get.

Our site is global and our clients are from different time zones, that’s why time difference doesn’t matter.


We do not provide you with anything like insurance or a guaranteed vacation. You’ll simply get paid for the orders from your clients directly.

You’ll simply get paid for the orders you got from your clients directly. Our company won’t withhold any taxes on money you received. You may need to declare and pay tax.

The triggering of a tax liability and/or reporting obligation will depend on your tax residency, the nature of the income/gains and potentially the amount.

We are not reporting this information to any tax authority.

PayPal account may help you in receiving money. You’ll be able to spend from it and your local authorities will not know about this income.

It depends on your agreement with the clients.

The type of cooperation doesn’t matter for us — it’s on your side.

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