SimplySPEAK with Natives.Chat

Natives.Chat makes communication with native speakers affordable, regular and convenient, effective and interesting.

Natives.Chat is a 24/7, methodist-directed, asynchronous audio chat with native speakers, where all the necessary skills are trained: speaking, listening, pronunciation, writing, reading.

  • You can choose the time of communication in the chat.
  • All materials are selected for people with a high language level.
  • The topics are chosen for people with different interests.
  • You do not depend on the time zone of natives.
  • All text messages are voiced with a perfect accent by natives.
  • You don’t get used to one teacher – you speak to different natives and other people.
  • You communicate with native speakers as well as with other people from all over the world using only a foreign language.

Natives.Chat is indispensable for those who want to:

  • Feel confident in another country.
  • Take an oath or pass an interview.
  • Study in another country.
  • Pass an international exam.
  • Enter the University in another country.
  • Get the maximum score in the exams.
  • Prepare for the presentation.
  • Develop and strengthen speaking and writing skills.

This is what communication looks like in Natives.Chat:

  1. Every day native speakers publish content that they want to discuss with other people. Each material contains an interesting video, a detailed opinion, and questions for other people on this topic in the form of text and audio recordings.
  2. Get acquainted with the materials.
  3. Prepare your reply: write down your answers and questions about the material to other chat participants, and make a voice recording of your reply using the voice-recorder of your device.
  4. Natives will check your text and audio recording, correct mistakes, answer questions, and voice your correct answer with their perfect pronunciation.
  5. Download the corrected audio response and listen to it before going to bed and early in the morning, repeat it out loud and to yourself.
  6. Communicate with other chat participants without any restrictions: answer their questions, ask them your questions about the topic.

Paid version

With a paid ‘Speaker’ subscription you can:

  1. Give responses to native speakers and other people.
  2. Get corrections of your mistakes.
  3. Get a voiced version of your personal answer from native speakers.
  4. Speak your language without limits using audio recordings and text messages with other people.
  5. Get answers to your questions in the ‘How to say’ topic.

Check our shop to choose a necessary subscription.

Free version

With a free ‘Reader’ subscription you can:

  1. Listen to native speakers and read their discussions with other people.
  2. Be notified about new topics and replies.
    This subscription is given for free on registration at Natives.Chat.


General rules for native speakers and site members

  1. We give one new topic to discuss per day.
  2. All your responses should consist of your personal opinion on conversation questions and your questions for other people.
  3. All your text answers should be duplicated by an audio recording.
  4. Find keywords in all your responses and hide them with a ‘Blur spoiler’ tool (an icon with a background of yellow color).

Communication rules

  1. You can send 1 detailed direct reply on a native speaker’s post and make unlimited replies to posts from other people within 1 day.
  2. Only native speakers can publish topics for a discussion.
  3. Native speakers always reply to your direct answers – they correct your mistakes, voice your text, and give an answer to your question.
  4. Insults and impolite communication are prohibited.

Terms of use:

  1. For each language chat (e.x. English Natives.Chat, German Natives.Chat…) you should buy a separate ‘speaker’ subscription.
  2. Your subscription will be activated automatically after the purchase is completed.
  3. At the end of the subscription period, your subscription will be renewed automatically. If you cancel your subscription all your information within Natives.Chat continues to be accessible, but you lose an ability to reply to topics. After you’ll complete a new purchase it will be activated.
  4. Active subscription can’t be temporarily paused.
  5. We do not offer a free trial period or money refund.
  6. Any account within Natives.Chat can’t be deleted. When publishing your replies at Natives.Chat you give all rights for voice records and texts to Natives.Chat.
  7. We do not need your personal data. You can use a nickname instead of a real name – it’s up to you.