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Comparison with other services

In other services, your interlocutor communicates if he has enough time, desire, and interest in you. For him it is a spare time hobby.

Our company is responsible for the quality of language communication and the availability of native speakers.

Other services host many registered non-native speakers wishing to communicate. Communicating with them may be interesting, yet inefficient in terms of language learning.

We employ only confirmed native speakers who have passed a special selection process and methodological training.

It is quite difficult to find an interesting interlocutor in other services, and in most cases communication is superficial and does not go beyond the phrases like “Hello!” or “How are you?”. It is rarely possible to communicate for a long time. You cannot pause communication for your own reasons and then get back to the conversation at the same emotional level.

We employ only native speakers that are very interesting to communicate with. Communication is always meaningful, and participants’ messages are reasoned and reflect their personal point of view. Our speakers are readily available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can keep communicating right away whenever you want to.

In other services, only individual messages are voiced, and this is done only at your request. Also downloading revisions is either impossible or no one announces the right option.

Our native speakers are sure to voice your messages and the revised texts. You can download audio recordings with the revised text and re-listen to it for better memorization.

Other services have a quid pro quo principle: you waste time on a return service in the form of correcting the interlocutor’s mistakes in your native language. Other services also have distracting banner ads.

You don’t get distracted and only practice your language using our service. We do not show ads even to free users.

In other services, communication often starts with the question “Are you married?”

We took this into account and fully ruled out any possible sexual connotation.

Using other services, you depend on the interlocutor who agreed to communicate with you: you may have a difference in time zones, the interlocutor may get sick or not respond to your messages and so on.

Our native speakers work in a group, so communicating with the native speakers is always available for you, regardless of situations happening in life.

Using other services, you have to come up with a topic for every new conversation on your own.

Our native speakers publish new topics for discussion every day. Topics are taken from different headings. Thanks to this, you will encounter a topic from the same section only in one month.

In other services, error correction is selective and often interferes with the natural flow of communication.

We have fixed this, and we correct absolutely all of your possible mistakes, both in texts and in audio recordings. Correcting errors is a must for native speakers working with your messages.

Frequently asked


Here is a short list of the most frequent questions. A full list you will find in our FAQ section.

A topic post is a message from a native speaker that contains a link to the main video for a discussion and opinion of the native speaker about this topic in the typed and audible form.

For each topic post, a native speaker creates a new separate topic.

  1. Listen and read: get acquainted with the materials in the topic (video, text, audio recording).
  2. Write: think about the proposed topic and then write your personal opinion and questions to other participants.
  3. Record audio: make an audio recording of your complete answer (your opinion and questions).
  4. Invite all native speakers of the language to work on your answer: add to your answer the code without spaces @english.natives or @french.natives and etc. (you need to change the code according to the name of the language you are learning).
  5. Post your answer.
  6. Get feedback on your answer from Native speakers:
  • Pay attention to errors and correct forms of words and sentences given by the native speaker.
  • Listen to a native speaker who reads your answer without error.
  • Download an audio file with a voiced answer, transfer it to your phone in a folder with all such recordings and listen to it before going to bed and immediately after waking up. Through these personal recordings you will make natives’ pronunciation personal.

Members who have paid for a subscription, as well as users with free access, can ask their questions in the Support section.

Our working language is English, but we also can use Google translate. Before creating a new topic, please, check other topics – you may be lucky to find a solution there.

We answer questions within 24 hours.

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